Minimize Noise in Control Panels with Panduit’s Shielded Wire Duct

One of the most common control panel problems is noise. Electrical noise problems in enclosures and control systems are typically intermittent and difficult to troubleshoot. Customers frequently ask questions about how best to minimize the electrical noise in their control panels. So I get excited about easy to use solutions to control panel noise problems.

Panduit offers shielded duct products that provide the noise reduction equivalent of a 6″ air space in the cabinet. Use the shielded duct to separate noisy wiring such as drive cables from communication or signal cabling. Use of the shielded duct products from Panduit also allow a reduction in cabinet size by reducing the amount of air space that is needed.
Panduit Shielded Wire Duct
The products are available as Shielded Wire Duct or as an EMI Noise Shield.
Panduit EMI Noise Shield
Look through the Minimizing Electrical Noise in Control Panels Presentation for more specific details and recommendations from Rockwell Automation on designing your control panel.


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