Robots and Programmable Controllers are Coming to Eat Your Brains

robot army We all know that the robots are eventually going to rise up and kill us all. We are getting closer each day to Skynet becoming self-aware and impending doom. If this image doesn’t convince you then watch the Hummingbird Spybot video:

Or the Creepy, Crawly, BugBot video:

And you will be convinced that the end is near.

Thankfully, controls engineers have retained some control and robots go about doing all of the stuff that humans just aren’t that good at or that we just shouldn’t or can’t do.

For instance the iRobots that are currently exploring the damage of the Fukushima reactors are serving a useful purpose. Also one of Chattanooga’s well-known companies Tennessee Rand uses robots as well as programmable controllers and other factory automation devices to perfectly weld parts together for our cars, motorcycles, and other products.

What interesting industrial applications are you seeing robots used in?


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Doug Brock has a broad range of factory automation and wholesale distribution experience and is an expert on the application of the Baldrige Criteria for continuous improvement efforts.
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