Holy Crap – Stuxnet is even in the Chattanooga Paper

Stuxnet seems to just keep growing and growing. A customer pointed me to the Stuxnet Wikipedia page and the number of infections listed blew me away. For that matter, I opened the Chattanoga Times Free Press on Thursday, November 18th and there was an article titled “Seeking tougher controls, Feds tout Stuxnet threat” on page C2 (Here’s a copy of the AP article). About 3,000 infections are reported in the US. According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press article it “represents the most dire cyber threat known to industry…”

The Chattanooga paper’s article stated that Iran believes stuxnet is specifically targeting it’s nuclear program, “but experts see few signs of major damage at Iranian facilities.” A november 15th article from Computerworld suggests that the virus is so specifically targeted that it modifies speed references for VFDs on the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor centrifuge. Some of the other conspiracy theories speculate the BP oil spill in the gulf was a dry run of the virus to test its effectiveness.

A recent experience with TDSS and the Crawler Toolbar at home with the wife and kids PC in the family room helped me experience how easy it is to get infected. Ten hours of my time was wasted despite the previous expeditures on Vipre and Adware. I’m only trying to prevent attacks on one computer, so I recognize the challenge maintaining an appropriate level of security on a large network.

So how do you protect the network? First read the White Paper offered by Rockwell on network security located here: http://bit.ly/caD41D. The most secure networks offer multiple layers of security incorporating both software, Windows access, and physical layer security products like Panduit offers.

What are you doing to protect yourself and systems?

The best Stuxnet articles I’ve found:

New Stuxnet clues suggest sabotage of Iran’s uranium enrichment program, Computerworld, Nov 15, 2010

The meaning of Stuxnet, The Economist, Sep 30, 2010

A worm in the centrifuge, The Economist, Sep 30, 2010

Blockbuster Worm Aimed for Infrastructure, But No Proof Iran Nukes Were Target, Sep 23, 2010


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