RSLogix 5000 Version 19 Windows 7 Support

Version 19 of RSLogix 5000 programming software was released yesterday. Look for Answer ID 109016 and the Version 19 Release Notes attached to that technote for all of the details. Of course the big news with this release is that Windows 7 is supported. I copied the following compatibility list right out of the Knowledgebase answer:

Operating system and service pack compatibility:

This version of RSLogix 5000 software has been tested on the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) with User Account Control (UAC) set to ‘Always notify’
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) with User Account Control (UAC) set to ‘Always notify’
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit) with User Account Control (UAC) set to ‘Always notify’
Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32-bit) with Service Pack 2 and User Account Control (UAC) turned on
Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2

This version of RSLogix 5000 software is expected to operate correctly on all other editions and service packs of the following operating systems, but has not been tested:

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2003


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40 Responses to RSLogix 5000 Version 19 Windows 7 Support

  1. David G says:

    Is that all that is new with ver19?

    I had thought that being able to change udt tag structure in run mode was suppose to be in the works.

    • Doug Brock says:

      There were several other enhancements to Version 19. It just seems that Windows 7 compatibilty was the topic I heard about most.

      Here is the list of changes from the Version 19 Release Notes:
      -Integrated Motion on the EtherNet/IP network is now available for the PowerFlex 755 drive.
      -CIP Motion Motor Test and Commutation Angle Test
      -Support for RDB-B (460V) Motor Family with EnDat Feedback
      -Unicast Safety Produced/Consumed Tags with EtherNet/IP
      -ControlLogix Processor Support – 1756-L72, 1756-L74
      -ControlLogix Extended Temperature Chassis

      Version 19.5 with Ethernet Redundancy will be out soon. It might have some UDT or AOI enhancements but I’m not sure that I read about any online edit capability to UDTs. It seems to me that online runtime data structure changes like that, if the tags are on scan especially, could cause problems with OPC connections or other communications.

      If I hear anything differently I will post it here.

  2. Simon Dudley says:

    will the Rslogix 19 running on 64 bit system allow ver 16 to run as well?

    • Doug Brock says:

      No Simon it sure won’t. I think this is one of our big challenges is figuring out how to upgrade our operating systems without having to upgrade all of our control systems. I will post a tutorial on using WMWare and VirtualBox to deal with this issue in the near future . Check back for that post.

  3. Is there any concern with operating RSLogix 5000 on an AMD versus an Intel laptop?

    • Doug Brock says:

      I copied this directly from the Release Notes for Version 19 of the RSLogix 5000 package. It’s been my experience that an AMD chip will work fine as long as it is as powerful as the recommended processor.

      System Requirements
      To use RSLogix 5000 software effectively, your personal computer must meet the following hardware and software requirements.
      Hardware Requirements
      The personal computer must meet these minimum requirements. Using a computer meeting the recommended characteristics will
      improve performance.
      Minimum Required: Pentium 3 or better, Speed 833 MHz, RAM Memory 512 MB
      Recommended: Pentium 4 or better, Speed 2.8 GHz, RAM Memory 1 GB


  4. Thomas Maulsby says:

    I am hearing that Logix5000 ver 20 will not be supported on any OS except Windows 7. I see in previous posts that you use WMWare and Virtual Box, I presume to run a separate OS (XP Pro). What experience and level of success have you had with these products running other RS products (RSView, FactoryTalkView etc…)?

    • Doug Brock says:

      I have not seen the release notes for version 20 of RSLogix 5000 yet and had not heard that it will only run on Windows 7. I will post an answer to that question when I find out. On your other question of whether other Rockwell Software products like View running well in VMWare I can answer that they definitely do. The trick is having a powerful enough processor and most importantly enough RAM to allow the image to run. Ideally the base OS would be running Windows 7 64bit and the PC would have 6 or 8 Gig of RAM. Then the image can effectively run any of the View packages.

    • Doug Brock says:

      Thomas, Most all Rockwell Software product demos and training sessions are conducted on VMWare images now. I have good luck running everything from RSLogix 5000 to View products or AssetCentre.

  5. ian eggleton says:

    I just tried to install 5000 v19 with Fact. Talk activation on my 32 bit Win 7 pro laptop, the setup tells me V19.01 is not supported on “Vista withat least service pack 1” . I definately have Win 7 Pro that is up to date ????

  6. Bill Carr says:

    Just got a new laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium.
    Installed RSLogix 5000 versions 13.04 thru 17.01.
    An activation disk (floppy) was used with my old XP machine.
    Upgraded to Professional, thinking it may resolve any 32 bit issue(s).
    When I try to activate RsLogix 5000 via my master disk, I get an error stating: “Drive not ready or Target disk is unsuitable”.
    This problem seems to be associated with Windows 7 OS. Any suggestions or work arounds?

    • Doug Brock says:

      Bill, Only V19 (and now C20) are tested and supported on Windows 7. Chances are you’ll have all kinds of problems trying to make older versions run on Windows 7.

    • OldAlex says:

      You have to create System, Hidden, Read-only file 386SWAP.PAR in the root of drive.

  7. Joel Hendrickson says:

    Should I strip off all of my older versions of Control Logix befire I install Version 19?

  8. Chris Norton says:

    Hi dough i am interested to know if you found out any more about the problem
    Ian Eggleton is / was having as I am having exactly that problem (system win 7 pro 64 bit, service pack 1 and upto date) error = RS5000 unsuported ,vista service pack 1 or geater, the system is running rs 500 & factory talk veiw studio, and the other entrails of software that are required ? just fine! any info would be a bonus? thanks Chris ,,in the wet & cold UK.

  9. Chris Norton says:

    sorry about the typo “Doug” Ps RS 5000 v19.01 , thanks Chris

  10. Chris Norton says:

    for any one that needs to know RS Logix 5000 v19.01.01 will not work with win 7 pro service pack 1? (that is to say it will not get past the install stage) you will need to upgade to v20! then it installs just fine, I have no idea what would happen if you were running win 7 pro with v19.01.00 or 01 and win 7 pro upgraded to service pack 1 ! I can only assume that RS Logix 5000 v19 would stop working?
    Hope this info is useful to some out there ?
    Ps dont bother with win xp virtual machine I did that it took an age to open and ran very quirky! on a high spec lap top
    have Fun out there Chris

    • Doug Brock says:

      Thanks for the update Chris. It seems there are just as many Windows combinations that don’t work consistently as do. It should be fun when Windows 8 releases right?

  11. Iván Darío says:

    I just install RS Logix 5000 in Win 7 64b home premium. RS Logix, works like a charm, but the emulate tools cant be intall in 64b OS.

  12. Uday says:

    I installed RSLogix5000, V19 but when I try to start it. It is asking for factory talk activation can any one tell me how to do that??

  13. Leonardo Vesque says:

    Hi guys,i’m brazilian and i recently installed RSLogix version 20 on my PC,and i’m not founding anywhere the RSLogix Emulator version 20… Can you help me?

  14. After having loaded various laptops with RSLogix 5000 in the WXP, 32bW7, and 64bW7, I have been able to determine the following:
    1. All versions of RSLogix 5000 and RSEmulate 5000 can be loaded and run in the 32bW7 environment (My best recommendation for an OS on Rockwell Software).
    2. Version 19 is the last version that can be ev-move activated, V20 requires FT activation.
    3. So far, in 64bW7, all I can get to work is the V20 emulator, prior versions are not supported in the 64 bit environment.
    4. As far as I can tell, in WXP Pro SP3, everything can be loaded and run including V20 stuff but also includes FT activation at V20.
    5. Rockwell has a tech note for repairing the registry if there is trouble in the 32bW7 environment (Technote 44196). Once this procedure was followed, I had a W7 machine running RSLogix 5000 (all versions) and RSEmulate (all versions). 64bW7 ends all backwards compatibility (I haven’t asked that direct question to Tech Support but it appears to be the case). Ev-move activations work in 32bW7 but can be tricky. There is a utility called evmovecf.exe on the Rockwell website to enable ev-move activations from flash drives.
    6. I never bothered with anything less than Pro versions of Windows. I can’t wait for Windows 8 fun.
    7. I suggest stashing a WXP and a 32bW7 machine if you feel you will need to support prior versions of RSLogix 5000 firmware.

    • Doug Brock says:

      Great advice Bruce. Thanks. I see a lot of users creating an XP SP3 VMWare image to run everything older than Version 19 of RSLogix 5000. Then running newer versions either on a base Win7 OS or a Win7 image.

  15. Bilap C. says:

    very useful tip on Rslogix 5k v19 on Win OS 32 & 64bits. thanks to all.

  16. Ramiro Burquet Estrada says:

    I am really appreciate that king of place in automation to improve my knowledge in PLC Allen B. Very useful for me because I had just start in world automation. Before my field was Protecting Relay and lastly some SAS with IEC 61850.


  17. Ramiro Burquet Estrada says:

    I am really appreciate that king of place in automation to improve my knowledge in PLC Allen B. Very useful for me because I had just start in world automation. Before my field was Protecting Relay and lastly some SAS with IEC 61850.

  18. Ramiro Burquet Estrada says:

    It would be possible install RSLogix 500 in my PC which has W7??

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