Blogging for Sales Leads in the Industrial B-to-B Segment

It’s shocking how few companies in the industrial B-to-B segment are using blogging as lead generation tools. Products and services that have a niche market or user-base, are highly technical or complicated in nature, and are best explained by an expert are ideal things to blog about. But the blogs that discuss industrial products and services can do far more than just describe technical features or describe how-to use the products. Blogs in the industrial sector can generate leads. Good blogs are force multipliers for your marketing and sales efforts!

The topic of generating leads with blogs was discussed during a lively Twitter chat tonight. Most of the posts reinforced the benefits of using a blog as an effective marketing tool. I captured a few as highlights.

Laura FittonLaura Fitton – @Pistachio
Getting your business found is why you blog. It has SEO value, social sharing value, etc. But traffic does not = customers #blogchat

Anyone can create a blog easily and start generating traffic, but that is only the first step in using a blog as an effective marketing and sales tool. According to Wikipedia there were more than 156 million blogs in February of 2011. Proof of how easy it is to start one. The trick is using a blog effectively to serve your purpose. That purpose for most industrially-focused b-to-b companies is to not only generate interest but also leads for your producs or services.

Leslie FineLeslie Fine – @lesliefineint
A lead to me is someone who has the appropriate needs for my services – not just a reader of my blog #blogchat

Blogs are no different than magazine ads or sales calls though. If you aren’t talking to the right people you are just wasting time and money.

Ray GordonRay Gordon – @RayJGordon
Quite often the case! RT @markkilens: Businesses that are the best educators will win. blog=education #blogchat

With the target audience in mind, what topics should you discuss in blog posts then. After all it’s a “chicken or egg first conundrum”. You have to talk about what your target audience wants to hear on your blog before your target audience will find your blog! So educate them. Tell them the tricks to using your products and entertain them with news and topics specific to your customers interests. Tell them both about the beneficial features of your products as well as the shortcomings and the things you are working to improve.

audaciousladyaudaciouslady – @audaciouslady
RT @ValaAfshar: If content is king, context is queen. Blogs have to demonstrate relevancy to your target audience. #blogchat

Give specific examples of how your customers enjoy or prosper because they use your services. Better yet. Let your customers do guest posts demonstrating how excited they are to work with you.

However, the overlooked secret to blogging success is quite possibly what you ask readers to do after they’ve read your post. Maybe you are making the mistake of not even asking them to do anything. Including a call-to-action after every post is a requirement if lead generation is what you are seeking.

marti konstantmarti konstant – @martikonstant
according to, one strong call to action per page is best #blogchat people can’t focus on more #blogchat

Blogs are powerful tools to help your marketing and sales efforts. Good blog posts can provide qualified leads to your sales force or can educate suspect contacts and help your marketers move them to the next stage of the buying cycle.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss how targeted content generation could help you generate  qualified leads for your industrial automation or wholesale distribution business.

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3 Responses to Blogging for Sales Leads in the Industrial B-to-B Segment

  1. Dava says:

    This is a great post about a specific type of blogging. I love that you point out the need for a call to action at the end of every post. It is entirely possible that a prospect could read your posts for weeks, learning more about you, deciding to trust you, and gaining respect for your expertise before you ever know about them. A call to action on the day they finally decide to call helps!

  2. That’s the typical response you get from new sales staff and even marketers paired with the “deer in headlights” look. Making cold calls can be frightening, especially when you are first starting out. For some reason smiling and dialing and the thought of picking up the phone and having someone answer seems to be one of the most intimidating processes when it comes to prospecting and sales .

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