What Can $100 Accomplish in a Community?

What can $100 accomplish in a community? Could you take $100 and make a difference by giving it to someone or to a  group in your community? There are a lot of great causes that you could donate money to. And there are without question numerous charities doing good that are worthy of donations. Like charity: water a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

charity: watercharity: water – @charitywater
RT @LinkedIn Need a dose of inspiration? Watch @scottharrison, CEO of @charitywater, share his story of transformation. http://t.co/XYTTjhBF

And of course a favorite of mine since my wife and I both are cancer survivors:

Myth Busters: Have you taken the #WorldCancerDayQuiz? http://t.co/jzksDtnI What’s your score?

I donate to these organizations but the donations I make are pretty small and typically their efforts aren’t local. And while it’s possible for those with the financial means, Eli Manning for example to make large charitable contributions. Most of us can’t. 

TwitCauseTwitCause – @TwitCause
Eli Manning: Super Bowl Winner and Charity Giver http://t.co/qGX8ODT3

 A new organization in Chattanooga is trying to make a bigger impact with $100 by pooling some resources and simplifying the tyoical grant process that foundations follow. The UnFoundation pools $100 donations from ten trustees monthly and matches that $1,000 with funds from an anonymous source. That $2,000 is granted monthly to a project that is focused on helping the Chattanooga communnity.  

The UnFoundationThe UnFoundation – @TheUnFoundation
Congratulations to the College Hill Courts Residency Council for winning our first $2000 grant for a community garden! https://t.co/Bk7ehG3M

The first award was given in January to help fund a community garden. Ideally this small garden will help put a dent in growing Food Deserts in areas around Chattanooga. That is a pretty cool way that $100 can help a community.

 The UnFoundation is actively seeking applicants for future grants. Help spread the word!


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