Increase Your Odds for Brilliant Insights

Where do your best ideas come from? Do they normally occur when you are slaving away at your desk or during your normal work functions? Or do they come in unexpected places? Do you have places where you can go, where you can plan to go, where you know you will get brilliant insights?
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I watched a Chipotle customer throw away a metal tray last night despite the laminated sign above the trash bin that said “Please don’t throw trays in garbage”. I knew I’d read posts related to Poke Yoke (error proofing) at fast food chains before. I rediscovered this post explaining how In-N-Out Burger uses simple error proofing to prevent customers from accidentally chunking plastic trays into the garbage. While searching for that specific blog post I found another good example of error proofing in the restaurant industry.

Both examples are brilliant insights. Related to error proofing – but brilliant insights. The authors of those posts stumbled upon those brilliant ideas. There was no plan to discover the insights. The authors were especially observant but the insights were pure accidents. Do you also have these moments of clarity, great ideas when you are eating out or in other unexpected places? Wouldn’t you love to be able to schedule these insights?

I have a way to ensure at least once a year I have out of the box, super-smart, brilliant insights. I participate with my state-level Baldrige program every year. In Tennessee, the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence is the resource for Baldrige expertise. It’s also the place where I have my smartest, most diverse, interesting conversations all year.

If you would love a way to schedule insights-a way you can make sure you discover new ways of tackling your biggest issues on a schedule. Find your state’s Baldrige program. If you are located in Tennessee (especially the Chattanooga region) contact me. I’d love to tell you about Baldrige and TNCPE.

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