Nail the Elevator Speech with “Small Message, Big Impact”

Small Message Big Impact by Terri Sjodin

Small Message Big Impact provides valuable lessons on the What, When, Where, Why, and How of the Elevator Speech. In her newest book, Terri Sjodin builds instant credibility by describing her experience in crafting speeches and mastering the use of elevator speeches then teaching you how step-by-step to do the same. Terri’s background beginning with the high school debate team and leading to her career as a professional speaker and founder of Sjodin Communications leaves no doubt as to her level of expertise on the subject of speaking.

I was provided a free copy of the book to review but recevied no other compensation and am offering my honest opinion in this review. Kevin Small of Result Source
was kind enough to forward me an advance copy.

The key take-away from the book is the principle that an Elevator Speech is used to move whatever you are trying to accomplish to the next step. No matter what your ultimate goal (an introduction, a referral, a job, a sale…), Terri emphasizes that the Elevator Speech just “earns you the right to be heard.” Don’t waste your three-minute golden opportunity rambling about product features, mutual acquaintances, the weather, or anything else that doesn’t focus on your desired result. That result is to earn the right to present whatever you’re presenting at some later time.

The book teaches readers to use a logical structure for crafting an elevator speech. An Intro, a Body with three supporting points, a conclusion, and a close. Several examples are provided throughout the book. The examples and explanations provide insight of how creative tactics and carefully crafted elevator speeches are successfully deployed by others. There are also some very helpful worksheets that are available for download after registering on the Small Message, Big Impact download site. In my opinion the worksheets and the Frequently Asked Questions at the end of the book are worth the price of admission.

Terri Sjodin doesn’t just focus on creating the elevator speech and the structure though. She uses her vast speaking experience to carefully describe how to rehearse and review the elevator speech delivery to maximize its effectiveness. Some of her analogies toward the end of the book such as comparing the elevator speech delivery to Dancing With The Stars and another using Bagger Vance were wasted on me since I can neither dance or golf. But the book is well written and full of great advice and instruction.

Don’t just take my word for it though. The Young Upstarts review of Small Message Big Impact suggests it’s a must read for any entrepreneur especially those that are prepping for investor pitches. And Jayne Navarre provides insight to what she finds useful in an especially well-written Virtual Marketing Officer review of Small Message, Big Impact.

I highly recommend the book for anyone that has the need to gain the attention of busy people and set appointments. The book will help you focus on and accomplish the main goal of making an elevator speech in the first place – getting the appointment!

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