The Big Picture aka Personal and Professional Development Opportunity

Small and medium-sized companies frequently have a chip on their shoulder when they compare themselves to bigger competitors or bigger companies in general. In discussions I hear business owners and managers say things like: We don’t have the resources those guys do. We can’t put that much time into that kind of a project. We can’t spend as much time worrying about strategy as the big guys.

Strategy Stickies

Here’s a newsflash. All of the time and resources larger companies put into strategic efforts is frequently hap-hazard and wasted. Most big companies don’t do any better than small companies at accomplishing the key things they want or need to accomplish. There are numerous reasons; day-to-day distractions, urgent matters, differing priorities among the leadership team… FranklinCovey in their 4 Disciplines of Execution gives four reasons for not accomplishing goals or executing strategy:

  1. People don’t know what the goals are
  2. They don’t know what to do to accomplish the goals
  3. They don’t have measures that accurately reflect goals
  4. They don’t regularly review or track progress

Actions Stickies

How is that different in a large company than a small company? I say it’s not. It’s the same issues big or small. So what do you do about it? Learn more about deploying and executing. Find instruction personally and professionally that will give you the skill set to accomplish things. Level the playing field big to small!

Innovate TNCPE Conference

Numerous companies use the Baldrige criteria to self-analyze and determine what important strategies should be, how to create action plans, how to deploy strategies, gain buy-in, ensure employees and partners help carry-out strategy…They send their employees to Baldrige training for them to learn a big picture perspective so they can help accomplish the big things that need to be done. There is a great opportunity to learn more about Baldrige and the Tennessee state-level Baldrige program TNCPE in Nashville in February.

If you are struggling with accomplishing your goals or executing strategy contact the TNCPE immediately to book your spot. Because if you don’t change what you’re doing, it’s crazy to expect different results than you are currently getting.

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