What’s Coming in 2011? More Focus and Accomplishments!

Snowy New York City
Have you ever slid around in the snow? Given the weather the entire US has experienced in the last several weeks. (Thank Goodness it’s warmed up a little in Chattanooga!) Many of us have that sliding experience fresh in our mind. I know I do after driving in Cleveland a few weeks ago. Rockwell - Mayfield Heights

When you’re sliding, if you’re a decent driver, you kind of know what to do. Steer into it, or better yet avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration and avoid the slide altogether. But if noone ever taught you what to do when the car slides or you never had the experience and got to practice, you feel helpless and will probably end up in the ditch. Not because you didn’t do anything because I guarantee you will do something when the car slides. You end up in the ditch because you did things but didn’t accomplish what you wanted.

This year the posts and resources on this blog are going to focus on not just doing things but accomplishing things. The areas will be primarily:

  • implementing and deploying strategy
  • using Voice of Your Customer to learn, plan, and act
  • matching and integrating marketing and sales activities to strategic goals
  • using Baldrige for performance improvement

Please come back often and let me know if there is a specific topic that you want me to cover or you want to discuss. The website will go through a makeover in the coming days in conjunction with my new Facebook Page. So check back often.

Happy New Year! Now let’s accomplish something important together.

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