“Social Nation” shows us Social is more than new media

Social Nation by Barry Libert

Barry Libert presents a unique take in his book Social Nation. Instead of introducing social communities as the result of relatively new web-based technologies, he realistically frames successful communities as the result of social skills not strictly tied to media. Of course the book covers web-base technologies and tools, but more importantly the book explains the social skills that are needed to build families regardless of where the family exists.

Families of fans such as those of Feed Me Bubbe or Gary Vaynerchuk exist primarily online. Families of Webkinz fans exist on living room floors along with online. Friends and fans of Apple products exist everywhere including online. Examples of people and companies that successfully build and capitalize on online communities are illustrated throughout the book and each example is used to illustrate the book’s Seven Principles for Building Your Social Nation.

Take the test for determining how social you are at the socialnationbook site. (I’m not as social as I thought). Read the book to learn how to build on your own or your team’s social skills to realize the full potential of your community. The book clearly explains the four strategies used by the companies/personalities profiled in the Mzinga Social Nation Matrix.

Barry Libert lays out specifics of how to get started and lists the ten pitfalls you want to avoid as you start your journey to building a Social Nation.

The Mzinga Social Nation Matrix

I highly recommend the book for anyone that is trying to figure out how and where to use social media or is looking for good examples of who has already successfully incorporated social media tools.

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