Marketing Myopia Deployment Ideas Somewhat Ignored

Theodore Levitt originally wrote Marketing Myopia in 1960. The article questions management’s thinking in a number of industries and forwarded his idea that management’s true purpose was to create and keep a customer not just make money. He blamed the leaders of the rail industry for allowing other transportation companies to steal their customers because the rail industry leaders considered themselves in the railroad business and not the transportation business. Similarly he criticized the auto industry and explained motorists expressed their dissatisfaction with auto buying and auto maintenance processes. Remember this was written in 1960.

Levitt said that one of the biggest inconveniences of auto maintenance was having the work done during regular business hours. He suggested that auto service be offered as an overnight service. Still today, some 50 years later, having a car serviced is as big a pain as it ever was. Some car dealers and manufacturers see so little value in supplying maintenance services that they give it away building the cost into the already narrow profit of selling the car. Why haven’t auto dealers recognized that the headaches are in the delivery not in the pricing of the services. They should recognize that pricing is questioned mostly due to distrust with the dealer not because the value of the service is not appreciated. Why don’t they make servicing options considerably more convenient by doing the work overnight?

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