Dick Morley thinks we are letting celebrity infatuation make us stupid

I attended an ISA event a couple of weeks ago and Dick Morley – The Father of the PLC spoke to the group at the end. He is an interesting and opinionated guy. During his speech he stated that one of the biggest problems in the world today was that people were afraid of being labeled smart. He said that kids should respond to questions such as “Do you think you’re smarter than me?’ with a resounding Yes. In a followup question he said a big part of the problem with the collective “Dumbing of America” is an infatuation with celebrities and what they think. I didn’t really think about that comment much until this week.

I opened the USA Today yesterday and one of the largest spreads in the paper was covering a book written by a daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger (the governator) and Maria Shriver. I turned on the news the other day and GW Bush’s daughter was doing a news segment – mostly fluff. I switched the channel and on two other network news stations in the next hour saw interviews with John McCain’s daughter about a book she recently wrote. Don’t forget Sarah Palin’s daughter is dancing on a primetime television show. All of these celebrity kids might be bright and their books and other talents might be very informative and commendable, but we shouldn’t pay attention just because of who their parents are.  If they ask me I am going to follow Dick’s lead. I do think I’m smarter than them.

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