Continuous Improvement is both Small Steps and Big Leaps

Technology can amplify small improvements especially when the small improvements and efforts are part of a bigger design. So why is it so difficult to identify and accept the potential of new technology and innovation and incorporate it into existing business processes. Jim Pinto explains it well in this post on Automation World. He says that “innovation and passion” are just not as prevalent in established large companies as in smaller organizations. I think he is primarily writing in terms of product design and development in his post, but the same can be said about marketing and any other function.

No need to stereo-type but Pinto is correct in that most large established organizations don’t innovate. They don’t accept and adopt new practices that are known to be effective until it’s too late to realize the full benefit. I’m sure my conversations and the presentations while attending ISA’s Marketing and Sales Summit for the next few days will prove this to be true. However, I hope I get surprised by a few out-of-the-box ideas that are fully deployed by some big companies.

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