Social Media Just Another Marketing Tool

There is a lot of hype about social media and the impending changes Facebook and Twitter will have on all things marketing. But the changes won’t be quite as big as the hype and at most we’ll add a P or two to the mix. It won’t be the first time that has happened.

The original 4 Ps that we were all exposed to in some text book by Kotler were Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion. Those P’s only provide focus for the marketing efforts though. According to Kotler, “Marketing’s role is to sense the unfulfilled needs of people and create new and attractive solutions.” That role is no different for soap manufacturers than the manufacturers of automation devices. So we added a few P’s and now have the original 4 plus the extended mix – People, Process, and Physical Evidence (or Proof).

The tools that Social Media offer make it easier to approach these added P’s. The Emerson Process Experts blog is an example of how People can deepen relationships enhancing overall marketing messages; People build trust with customers. Like buttons and customer posted comments to blogs provide strong Physical Evidence/Proof. I’m sure Jim Cahill, Head of Social Media for Emerson Process Management will speak to some of these concepts during his keynote address at the ISA Marketing and Sales Summit in Atlanta next week.

Jim Pinto did the same thing for years in all of the articles he wrote for magazines and published to the web. The tools were different and not as immediate but the results were the same. Pinto wrote an article on the Action Pak product from Action Instrument and a customer would write a letter back providing proof of the product’s value. Posts weren’t immediate and the response was via snail mail, but the role of marketing was still fulfilled same as it will be with Social Media tools.

(Check out the Blogging Contest tied to the ISA Marketing and Sales Summit)

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  1. Jim Cahill says:

    Doug, I think you’ve nailed the people-connecting aspects of social media. It provides organizations a way to increase their surface areas to interact with more customers and prospective customers. These interactions ultimate lead to more business opportunities. I hope to see you in Atlanta this week!

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