Another Political Party? Modern Whigs

There is an interesting article in today’s WSJ – Political Party for Mild-Mannered Is Off to a Slow Start. The Modern Whigs party is looking to place its flag dead center in the political spectrum. They are seeking moderates to fill their ranks and list a tagline of “A Party for the Rest of Us”. I took a second to read their listed philosophy on the Modern Whig Party website.

Here they are:
FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – Any action of the government must respect principles of fiscal responsibility and public accountability.
ENERGY INDEPENDENCE – Develop practical domestic energy sources to reduce dependence on foreign energy sources.
STATE’S RESPONSIBILITY – Each state can generally determine its course of action based on local values and unique needs.
SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE – When the government is compelled to legislate morality, every citizen should be considered as equal.
EDUCATION AND SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT – Increase public and private emphasis on math and science to promote American innovation to compete in the global economy.
VETERANS AFFAIRS – Vigilant advocacy relating to relating to the medical, financial, and overall well-being of our military families and veterans.

The entire concept is pretty intriguing in that the idea of a different party does not offend me and I share their listed philosophy on a number of issues. Both the Democrats and the Republicans as institutions are broken and no longer represent my main concerns with their actions. The activities that consume our representatives are mostly trivial and self-serving. Their largest concern is the preservation of office for the party and onesself, not advancing agendas that are beneficial to our society.

Why should I believe that a new party can produce results that I would be happy with more readily than an independent-minded member of an existing party or an independent?

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