Mark Hurd for President of Haiti

I don’t know much about Wyclef Jean. I might recognize a song because I do listen to all kinds of music, but I can’t name one of his songs. However, he is all over the news now because he is running for president in Haiti. Everything that I heard on the radio today related to a number of allegations about his foundation, Yele Haiti and misappropriations of funds. Some reports suggest the foundation is just poorly managed and no intentional fund misuse is evident. Other reports are more sinister and accuse Wyclef Jean of using foundation moneys for self-endowment and to pay unjustified salaries to a mistress and family members. But all-in-all he’s accused of nothing more heinous than a number of US politicians and corporate bigwigs. If I was Haitian, I would be more concerned with his lack of managerial experience than his popularity and musical skills.

Mark Hurd lost his job as CEO of Hewlett-Packard this past week over $20,000 of irregularities in his expense account and allegations that he violated company ethics policies in pushing work to an outside female contractor. Presumably he had some kind of relationship with the female contractor. She sent a letter alleging sexual harassment to Mr. Hurd and the Board setting an investigation in motion back in June but she denies that the relationship was sexual. Several investors and experts in corporate governance quickly came out with opinions stating the Board’s request for Hurd’s resignation were too severe. Kind of ironic given that Hurd was the champion for H-P’s code of conduct.

I don’t know if Mark Hurd can rap, but he was an effective manager of H-P over the 5 years he was CEO. He doubled the stock price and grew revenue by $40 billion which apparently justifies his $37 million buyout.

Haiti needs a leader that can have huge economic impact. While both Wyclef Jean and Mark Hurd are probably far less corrupt than the Haitian leaders that got the country where it is economically today, Wyclef just doesn’t appear to have the experience to turn it around. I think Mark Hurd is Haiti’s man for President.

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