Productivity Increases Don’t Match Wage Growth in Education

Jeff Lucas from the Baldrige National Quality Program has a very interesting post about education titled Bad Case of Baumol’s. The gist of the post is that efficiency in education has not kept up with wage increases for educators. I have to admit that I have not thought about education this way in the past. I have kids and generally argue for a small teacher to student ratio and also support teacher wages that are high enough to draw in talented instructors. Maybe that thinking is just wrong.

What substantial changes have taken place in the educational system over the past 20 or more years? Some degree of standardized testing was implemented. The use of tools such as Promethean Boards, web-based reporting for classroom progress, and the integration of computer-based assignments are all evident. But very little has changed in the actual delivery of instruction. Experiments are taking place such as the School of One and the current emphasis on Charter schools but the actual instruction is much the same as it has been for several generations.

What will revolutionize the delivery of education in the US?

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