Steady Wins the Race but Steady with Innovation Kicks Butt

I am a middle of the pack runner. I enjoy running because it makes me tired and when your in your 40’s and tired you are less likely to do stupid things that screw up your marriage, relationships with children, or you employment. I’m pretty stupid so at times I’ve had to run a lot, but that goes beyond the scope of this post and might let a skeleton or two out of the closet.

I have friends that run. Most of them beat me. I have one buddy that follows the Ed Whitlock school of thought. Don’t miss training. Run your regular route often. Run the same loop consistently day-in and day-out and you’ll be able to run. Works pretty well for him.

I have another buddy that started following this crazy training plan. Intervals mixed with hills and other assorted running workouts and he followed it religiously. He ran consistently but threw in the innovative workouts from the plan. We all said, “He’s gonna hurt himself. He’ll come up lame before the summer’s over.” He might have, but he didn’t. He’s gotten crazy fast.

Consistency, doing the same work well and often will always guarantee good results but doesn’t guarantee breakthrough, revolutionary results. You gotta try some crazy stuff to get crazy results. Same goes for business. Steady will win the race, unless there is a competitor willing to do both steady hard work and add the crazy innovative work as well.

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