Politicians don’t allocate and deploy

I think one of the biggest problems with our government is that politicians spend too much time debating and denigrating potential policy and too little time figuring out how to prioritize and allocate the use of limited resources and implement the policies they actually put in place or the strategies they espouse. I just watched the candidates for governor in the state of Tennessee debate tonight. Amazing how many of them spoke of vision and strategy and how few times specific actions were discussed.

Zach Wamp and Ron Ramsey were as bad as any politicians I’ve ever heard. Zach spoke of his 20/20 Vision Plan and leadership in congress over the last 14 years and Ramsey of his leadership as Lieutenant Governor since 2007. Both tout the military neither of which served. Both of these guys helped put the country and the state in the hole we’re in and yet think their same ineffectiveness can lift us out. Grand vision and no action plans.

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