Win Rework by 37 Signals and Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

I received two advance copies of “Delivering Happiness” from Zappos. The deal was that I had to read it and post a review then give one of the books away through my blog. But I’m going to give both away. One of the books will be like new but read once and I’m giving it away based on the criteria below. I’m giving the other away here.

I thought the marketing strategy that Tony Hsieh is using to get the word out on his book was so clever, I decided to throw in a bonus on my giveaway. I recently read Rework the book by the founders of 37Signals. 37Signals makes a number of web-based programs for project management. They are a company that is in ways a polar opposite of Zappos, but some of the ideas in both books are very similar.

Make a comment to this post saying “I want the books” and send me your email, or send an email to your friends with a link to this post in the body and cc me at I will randomly draw on May 28th from the names that either posted a comment or forwarded an e-mail with a link to this post. I will send the winner both books at no cost.

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