Product enhancements and price increases

I bought a few pairs of a gadget called Stuffitts a while back. Basically they are cedar trees for your running shoes. Rather than being a hard milled piece of wood they are a sock stuffed with cedar chips. The company markets them to runners, triathletes, and other active people with the value being that they keep your shoes from stinking and they help your shoes dry out quicker. Let me tell you. They work. I bought a couple of pairs at a race in Alabama for my running shoes and bike shoes to try and was very pleased with the results. So I bought a few more pairs and gave a couple to my wife. She dropped a hint that a coupe of pairs would be a nice Mother’s Day gift (Yes, guys I know I’m lucky). So I went to the website and saw they redesigned them and doubled the price.

The new Stuffitts have a removable insert that can be replaced. You can also replace the insert at a reasonable price (~$10). But the old one met my needs just fine. I can speculate some of the reasons that the Stuffitts company felt they needed to make some enhancements and I really hope it helps them generate more sales. When I met them in Alabama they really seemed like nice people. But the enhancements are probably more than I need from that product based on the increase in price.

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