Where’s the time go???

We use Blackberrys at Kendall and a friend of mine that is a lawyer showed me a neat little app he uses to log time on his Blackberry. He uses an app called Exgis Time and Expense Pro that allows him to log billable time and expenses on his phone. The app requires some manual entry that seems a bit kludgy but it seemed to work all right.

I’ve had a busy year and was wondering where all my time was going. So in the spirit of Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management (Category 4) on a personal level, I decided to buy the $5 bare bones version of Time Tracker and actually log my time for the next few weeks. It’s a small time suck setting up categories and entering the blocks of time, maybe 30 minutes per day. But I hope to get that and more back by actually getting a clear picture of where all my time goes.

I’ll post the results in a couple of weeks.

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