Question the value of formal surveys

I was clearing my inbox and had six different e-mail surveys. One of them was to collect data about a recent interaction I had with a company. Two of the surveys were to collect salary data. Two were to collect my opinion about new features in products I don’t even remember buying. And one was from a company I don’t even remember ever doing business with, in other words it was spam. The survey asking about my recent interaction was probably useful though these can be sent too frequently.

I question whether there is any true value in these types of blind surveys. I don’t think it is possible to gain access to an unbiased population by sending e-mails to an in-house list and we all know that sending an e-mail blast to anything other than an in-house list is really considered spam.

In a December 2009 Harvard Business Review article titled “Closing the Customer Feedback Loop” the authors had the following comment which makes me question the value of all but the simplest surveys. “Research shows that most customers who end up defecting to another business have declared themselves satisfied or very satisfied in such surveys not long before jumping ship.” Doug Brock Automation Engineer Kendall Electric Cell 423-593-2034

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