Net Promoter Score the easy way

Companies frequently try to make complicated surveys to gain customer feedback. It’s been my experience that people are too lazy to sustain survey and questionnaire efforts or they farm them out and one of two things happen. The people responsible for the effort have no vesting in the effort because they aren’t doing it. Therefore the feedback doesn’t get used. Or the cost of farming the work out becomes a burden so the effort is dropped.

Here is a super easy way to conduct a survey and monitor the results. Google added a form tool to Google docs that allows you to create a simple survey tool and the backend reporting mechanics are automagically created. You don’t have to spend any time creating a spreadsheet or database to capture results. I won’t explain how to create the surveys because there are already a ton of resources such as this explanation and this video.

I would recommend using something like Net Promoter Score (NPS) or some other form of simple feedback with a minimal number of questions and try to get as many customers to respond as you can. Further try to get the responses in a short time span after the customer had contact with your company. Here is an example of a simple NPS survey and the results spreadsheet that get created.

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