Wholesale Distribution and linkage between training and strategy

I’ve sat through what seems like a million training sessions, sales meetings, and lunch and learns that were labeled as being important. Few of the sessions actually were important in the sense that most were not planned because the training was needed to ensure the workforce was capable of meeting strategic objectives and goals. Most of the sessions were scheduled because a sales rep happened to be available that day and a manager thought they needed to hold some form of training.

The Electrical Distributor magazine’s February 2010 issue (www.tedmag.com) has a few articles that address the need for distributors to link training to strategy and goals. In the Best Practices article “Mid-State Learns a Lesson in training” Mike DeFilippo writes about a distributor in Louisiana that clearly understands the importance of desiging a training program that supports the companies strategy. Tom Reilly also writes, “Take the time to build a training plan that aligns with your company’s business strategy”… in “The evolution is on” from the same issue of TED. I would link to the articles but the digital edition is available only to registered users. It’s a relatively simple process to register if you’re interested.

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